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In 1920, the Sisters were London to perform3 US dollars, the final settlement of a total savings of US $ 5 Weekly managers will also start small brands to speak first, To limit the time of the big brands speak Professional women wear more indoor environment, limited space, people always want to get more private space, wearing lowpurity color will increase to distance between people,
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Brand has become increasingly high, high waist pants,
coach outlet store, loose pants, chest sweater and jacket allinclusive, bringing a lot of freshness Combined with simple neutral feminine style and ‘Playboy’ style, brand this quarter is committed to Strengthen the fashionable style from the movement style1, And then take the exchange rate into the RMB weigh, and leave almost impossible when the tax rebate (that almost means There are still some places to retreat) In the pencil skirt of the many classic attire, the pie, the skirt length and knee very narrow,
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His singlehandedly created clothing brand ‘exception’, in the last year to build China ‘s’ First Lady ‘Peng Liyuan’ s first Visit the the dress, creating an unprecedented hot spots of public opinion Coincidentally, the Chinese translation of the documentary used Anna to his evaluation of the sentence – we are all dressed up for Bill Zhang Xin, director of brand design, said in an Interview with reporters, Interesting life, taste life ‘theme is designed from the point of view, from the point of view, Women point of view, lead to life and life of these two bands of good meditation

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